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iSee Ortho K – “Reshaping the Way the World Sees” – Contact Information

If you’d like more information about iSee corneal reshaping therapy contact lenses, your eye care professional is your best resource. To find one near you who prescribes iSee overnight Ortho K corneal refractive therapy contacts lenses, click on the find a doctor button and complete the form and we will locate an Ortho-k doctor in your area.

If you have any iSee Ortho-K corneal refractive therapy inquiries you can also contact us at 1-855-iSee-GR8 or 1-855-473-3478 (Consumer Care hours of operation are 9:00AM-4:00PM PST Mon-Fri).

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If you’re an eye care professional and would like more information regarding iSee Ortho-K Corneal Reshaping Therapy or other orthokeratology designs, please visit our practitioner site.

GP Specialists Inc. is a leading distributor of Paragon Vision Sciences Inc.’s CRT corneal refractive therapy lenses.   The CRT corneal refractive therapy lens is the number one prescribed Ortho-k contact lens in the United States- call us to learn more about CRT brand ortho-k contact lenses.

GP Specialists Inc. proudly manufactures the Global OK Vision- GOV orthokeratology corneal refractive therapy lenses. Dr. Arthur Tung GOV designs have been found to be effective for high myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia, post LASIK and keratoconus patients.  We will gladly assist you learning more about Global OK Vision’s many designs.

GP Specialists Inc. also manufacturers custom designed corneal refractive therapy contact lenses for many eye doctors throughout the nation.

Our Ortho-k manufacturing headquarters and mailing address is:

  • GP Specialists, Inc.
    15970 Bernardo Center Drive
    San Diego, CA 92127

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