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August 2013

Ortho-k Slows the Progression of Myopia in Children, Study Finds

Orthokeratology can reduce the rate of myopia progression among nearsighted children who wear the specially designed contact lenses, according to a new study.

Researchers at the University of Melbourne (Australia) conducted the study to determine whether overnight wear of ortho-k contact lenses influences the rate of myopia progression in nearsighted children, when compared with myopic children of the same age and degree of nearsightedness who wear eyeglasses.

All children were under age 16 at the time of enrollment in the study. The minimum period of evaluation for each child was two years, and changes in myopia between the two study groups was assessed at two-year intervals for up to eight years.

Children wearing the ortho-k contacts showed a significantly more stable degree of myopia than the control group over all of the two-year evaluation intervals. Also, 64 percent of ortho-k eyes showed an apparent total stabilization of myopia.

The study authors concluded their research provides evidence that orthokeratology can reduce the rate of progression of childhood myopia over the long term.


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April 2013

Ortho-k Therapy used for Monovision (Study)

A recent study has been done on the effectiveness of using orthokeratology corneal refractive therapy for middle aged presbyopia (nearsightedness) needs.   The monovision technique has been used for years with daytime contact lenses.   Although, ortho-k therapy has also been used by custom contact lens specialists for monovision, this is the first study publicized for orthokeratology effectiveness.   All of the patients in the orthokeratology monovision study achieved the desired results of near vision in the one eye treated, leaving the untreated eye available for distance vision.

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Read The Ortho-k Monovision Study


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November 2012

The Case for Myopia Control Now

Bruce H. Koffler, M.D.  examins the current data available and explains the growth of myopia in the US is just part of a worldwide trend toward increasing myopia prevalence that cuts across cultures and gene pools, leaving little question that the increase is real, rather than an artifact of increased interest or poor experimental design.  Reviewing the data and explaining the social and economical impact on society, Dr. Koffler makes a compelling case for myopia control as a treatment option.

Conclusion:  Myopia prevalence is increasing rapidly around the world. East Asia is the most affected region, but rapidly rising rates of myopia can be found throughout the developed world. Research in animal models has shown that axial elongation can be triggered by hyperopic blur in the peripheral retina. The explosion of near-vision tasks to which children have been subjected in developed countries is thought to be behind the rising rates of myopia. Both drugs and overnight orthokeratology have been shown effective in slowing myopia progression in children. Among the demonstrated safety and efficacy, there are many good reasons for ophthalmologists to consider adopting orthokeratology in their practices.

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October 1, 2012

Effective methods of slowing the progression of myopia.

Dr Jeffrey J. Walline evaluates the effectiveness of the current treatment options available for myopia control.  Dr. Walline based his findings on a criterion that to be considered clinically meaningful there needs to be at least a 50% reduction in myopia progression.

Conclusion:  Given what is known of the current myopia control treatments available, corneal reshaping contact lenses and soft bifocal contact lenses are today’s best option.

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September 21, 2012

Retardation of Myopia in Orthokeratology (ROMIO) Study: a 2-year randomized clinical trial.

New study comes out regarding myopia control.  See the conclusion below:

Conclusions:   On average, subjects wearing ortho-k lenses had slower increase in axial elongation by 43% compared to subjects wearing single-vision glasses. Younger children tended to have faster axial elongation and may benefit from early ortho-k treatment.

ROMIO study



Ortho-K Slows the Progression of Myopia in Children, Study Finds